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Video Users Guide
Does your product still provide an outdated conventional paper Users Guide? Are you inundated with technical support questions? Have the edge over your competitors by offering a step by step Video Users Guide! When choosing between your product and a competitors comparable product, prospective customers are sure to choose the ease and efficiency of popping in a full motion, full color, full audio, multidimensional video tape over the thought of pouring hours and hours into deciphering a one dimensional paper users guide.
End your Video Users Guide with a short segment on related products and services you currently provide as well as introduce upcoming products and services.


Video Training Manual
Why spend dozens of man hours in one on one training every time you have a personnel change? Why not put your training on video one time and cut your training hours dramatically? Having your training material on video will enable your trainees to take the video home and study at their own pace and on their own time, improve the rate of retention, as well a give them an opportunity to refer to a videotape instead of a conventional paper training manual during their learning curve, providing a faster and more indelible form of visual recall than any lifeless, one dimensional paper training manual.
Our new, state of the art digital editing system and tape storage has enabled us to cut the turn around time of updating your training videos dramatically, cutting the cost of updating to just a fraction of what others are forced to charge.
Having a training video library, will also enable existing personnel to take home a training video to keep up with constant policy changes as well as use as a refresher.


Training Meetings
Booked a sales, motivational, or technical trainer to speak to your organization but not everyone is able to attend? Here’s an opportunity for you to make certain everyone receives and benefits from the same training by recording the training on video tape.



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