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Bridging The Gap
Promotional Video


Whether large corporation, small business, organization or internal department, nearly every one of us is faced with a common problem. This problems is what we at Bridge Media refer to as, The Gap. The Gap, is a deep, echoing chasm, that stretches between our products or services and our prospective customers. This vast expanse is the distance that stands between our products, and the customers in need of them.
Whether you are trying to reach customers with your products and services, reach the community with your message or trying to reach a division with your vision, you can count on Bridge Media to bridge the gap separating you from your customers.


Product Promotion

For decades, businesses around the globe have utilized the printed brochure as the backbone of their promotional literature. As consumers, each one of us can testify that the product brochure is very limited at best. Fortunately, breakthroughs in modern technology have made it affordable for nearly every business and organization to promote their products and services via a Promotional Video. Unfortunately for most, the affordability of Promotional Videos is yet to be discovered. Here is a great opportunity for you to promote your products and services in full color, motion and sound.

Project Promotion

Is your business or organization beginning a new project? As business owners, we place the highest value in our ability to share our vision with those who must carry it out. Here’s an opportunity for you to share your vision with your staff, team members or organization by way of full motion video.

Service Promotion

Promote the quality and benefits of your services through the eyes of a video camera along with the testimonies of actual satisfied customers.

Event Promotion

Planning a ground breaking ceremony? How about a public relations event? Team member unavailable for a corporate meeting? Capture the largest event, smallest meeting, training session or company Christmas party on video tape and ensure effective communication and inclusion with every member.


Ask about our big screen viewing capabilities.



"Bridging the gap between product and customer!"


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